Masahat: Bloody Beans

Filmplakat for Bloody Beans (Louie Hamra)

Join us on the last day of Masahat festival for a thought-provoking and inspiring Sunday at VEGA Scene with film screenings, conversations, mingling and more.

Already an established producer before she turned to directing, Narimane Mari is part of an exciting wave of experimental cinema coming from Algeria.

Her debut feature, Bloody Beans, won the top prize at the prestigious documentary festival CPH:DOX, though to call it merely a "documentary" is reductive: described in Film Comment as an "expressionistic hybrid," Mari's film is a comedy, a tragedy about the past, and a portrait of colonialism in the present. Shot over nine days, with limited rehearsals and almost no reshoots, Mari's film is set at some unspecified point during Algeria's War of Independence, and explores the legacy of France's brutal 132-year occupation of the country through the eyes and energies of children from the Bab El Oued and Bologhine neighborhoods of Algiers. The results are less "kids say the darndest things" than something akin to an hallucinatory experience, the surreal atmosphere aided by a score from Zombie Zombie.

Loubia Hamra
Narimane Mari
France, Algeria | 2013 | 77 min
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English

Algerie, Frankrike