Strange Way of Life

Kortfilm / Western / Drama
31 min.
To menn med hver sin pistol rettet mot kameraet. I bakgrunnen Western-aktige fjell

ESCENA. Oslo Ibero-amerikanske filmdager is a platform for cultural exchange between Norway and the Ibero-American region.

The aim of the festival is to promote the interest in film from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of Europe and the Americas and showcase the vibrant film expressions of these nations.

Pedro Almodovar’s second film in English is a queer western that extracts the iconography and classic references of the genre to subvert the tradition.

Pedro Pascal plays Silva, a rancher who comes into town and meets his former lover, Jake, played by Ethan Hawke. But what starts as a rendezvous between lovers is soon revealed to be a visit with a purpose. Jake, the town sheriff, is intent on bringing a killer to justice and that killer is Silva’s son.

Both Pascal and Hawke bring a palpable chemistry, and their co-stars Jason Fernandez, Jose Condessa and Manu Rios shine in their fleeting moments.

As always with Almodóvar, the film is feast for the senses, gracefully shot by cinematographer José Luis Alcaine in the dusty Almería town built for Sergio Leone’s Dollar Trilogy. Costumes designed by the current creative director of Saint Laurent, Anthony Vaccarello and Alberto Iglesias’ atmospheric score complete a production design that elevates the film short run time.

Immediately after this film, it will follow the screening of “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, Almodovar’s classic comedy that catapulted him to international fame. Check the program for tickets to that screening.

Originaltittel: Extraña Forma de Vida
Regi: Pedro Almodovar
Språk: Engelsk
Produksjonår: 2023
Skuespillere: Pedro Pascal, Ethan Hawke
Sjanger: Western
Spilletid: 35min
Nasjonalitet: Spania, Frankrike

31 min.
Pedro Almodóvar
Manu Ríos, José Condessa, Jason Fernández, Ethan Hawke, Pedro Pascal
José Luis Alcaine
Pedro Almodóvar