Life is Beautiful

1 t. 32 min.
Still fra Livet er vakkert, Human

Stateless, displaced and stuck in Tromsø. Mohamed refuses to let it define him.

In 2014, the Palestinian director Mohamed Jabaly visited the film festival in Tromsø. While he was there, the borders to Gaza closed and he had to stay in Norway. Little did he know that it would take seven years before he could meet his family again.

«Life is Beautiful» is a story about a life put on hold by international politics and rigid bureaucracy. Told from the perspective of a young man who uses all his creativity and time to keep in touch with the outside world and build a future.

After screening there will be a conversation between director Mohamed Jabaly and editor of the magazine DER, Osama Shaheen.

In this special issue, DER delves deep into the history of Palestine, offering insightful analyses of the current situation and placing recent events in Norway within the context of the ongoing war against Gaza.

«Der دار» is bilingual and the first magazine for Arabic speakers in Norway.

This event is organized in collaboration with DER Magazine, Masahat, Stray Dogs Norway and HUMAN IDFF.

Under HUMAN Film Festival:

RUSH LINE – MØT OPP I GOD TID: Ved utsolgt forestilling fylles tomme seter opp fem minutter etter forestillingsstart. Det vil si at hvis du ikke er til stede da, mister du plassen din selv om du har billett. Dette kaller vi Rush Line, og det gjelder alle festivalens filmvisninger.

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1 t. 32 min.
Al haya helwa
Arabisk, Norsk, Engelsk
Mohamed Jabaly
Palestina, Norge